MS Health Blog

MS Health Blog is the new home of Stephen Walker the Spoonie Blogger

This is still very much “under construction”. We are in the process of migrating the site to a new hosting provider and we are experiencing a few teething problems.

MS Health Blog

We are excited about the potential of this new venture. You are often advised to blog about your passion and that is exactly what this blog will be.

However, it is still be a business. And, it requires the work and dedication equal to any other occupation or calling.

This new Blog will, in time, incorporate all of the Spoonie Blogger interests from Space Exploration to Science and Religion.

This should be an essential stopping point if you worry about your weight, have concerns about your fitness or are simply looking for a healthier lifestyle.

Diet is essential for everybody. ?You are what you eat.? Is a statement that you may think is clich?d. But, when you begin to analyse the comment, the reality will be an awakening.

This Blog does not intend to teach you biology. However, the basics of mitochondrial health will make you view your eating plan in a whole new light.

Of course, this welcome page cannot address all of these situations. Health is a huge topic that affects each and every one of us.

But, if you follow this Blog we hope to tackle many of the health problems that affect so many people.

It is true that we have titled this Blog as the MS Health Blog. But, MS is not the only disease that we will feature.

The author believes that mitochondria is at the root of many autoimmune diseases. And, multiple sclerosis is only one of them.

The School of Life is worth Attending!

School of Life

My one abiding memory of my early life at Newbridge Primary Schools is my annual report card which always read the same:

Could do better Mr Thomas Graham Headmaster

And, he was right. I was a bright kid. But, I never really applied myself.

There is one thing that I still learn every day in ife. And, that is that there is still so much to learn.

I fervently hope that this Blog can, in some way, help you on your learning road. That my experience of living with chronic illness can help you avoid the pitfalls of ignorance and apathy.

The Newbridge Primary School that I speak of was demolished many years ago. Mixed memories!

However, although I was not diagnosed with MS until 1994. It is almost certain that I had the condition during my time at Primary School.

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