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Sometimes, it is necessary to remove old posts because:

  • The post is no longer relevant
  • Some posts are experimental
  • The post was invalid

It is never an acceptable case to have a visitor hit the dreaded 404 Page Not Found.

Posts do not disappear of there own accord. They are removed by the Webmaster and the Webmaster has a duty to ensure this redirect page is provided and utilised,

I am sorry that the page you are looking for is no longer available but, the removal was necessary and unavoidable.

This has been a painful and traumatic process. Saying goodbye to posts that have been part of this blog for many years is like losing dear friends.

But, one has to be callous. If the posts are not attracting visitors then there is no reason to retain them.

I would like to say that my scattergun approach to blogging has been an exercise in market research. If only I were that well organised!

I have been committing the cardinal sin of bloggers. I did not plan this blog in the way that I should have done. The upshot is that I have been blogging about anything and everything that took my fancy at the time.

The result is a very disjointed blog with no common theme. I have decided to go back to my initial idea and blog about multiple sclerosis. So, I have had to retire a whole raft of unrelated posts.

TODAY is a turning point. is reborn. From this day forth I will produce only in-depth MS-related posts.