The Spoonie Blogger loves a stylish watch. If that timepiece is also a practical, reliable time-keeper then the appreciation will be so much greater. The Gladiator Bear Military/Sports watch is a perfect example of business and casual style for the man of action.

GLADIATOR BEAR Rugged Waterproof Military / Sport Men’s Wristwatch Alarm, Multiple Time Zone, Chronograph

As a test of the gladiator’s manhood, he would have to fight a huge rugged bear. This wristwatch symbolizes that fight with a “no holds barred” look about it. It features an alarm, backlighting, is water resistant to 3Bar and has multiple functions such as multiple time zone, chronograph, stopwatch and date.

This superb watch has a quartz movement and comes with a choice of a coloured wristband. The dial window is constructed of Hardlex making it very resilient.

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Gladiator Bear Military Wristwatch
Gladiator Bear Military Wristwatch Single Image
Gladiator Bear Military Wristwatch Twin View
Gladiator Bear Spoonie Affiliate Promotion
Gladiator Bear Triple Chronograph Yellow
GLADIATOR BEAR Chronograph Military/Sport wristwatch