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A much maligned and often misunderstood symptom of Multiple Sclerosis. The loss of cognitive awareness and the loss of mental acuiy is MS Brain Fog.

Brain Fog is a term used to describe a loss of mental acuity. It has, to the best of my knowledge, no clinical name. It is a form of cognitive dysfunction, although this term encompasses any of a range of cognitive deficits.

I suffer from this, almost constantly, to one degree or another. It presents as absent-mindedness or forgetfulness, a difficulty in concentrating, and, occasionally as a lack of spatial awareness or dysmetria. I have seen it described as a ?mental cataract? preventing you from seeing things clearly.

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A Spaced-Out Episode

It can give rise to periods of ?staring seizures? where you space out and then drift back. This can be unnerving and I have experienced it only once.

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I was in my kitchen making a mug of coffee, I had put a teaspoonful of coffee in the mug and switched the kettle on. I found myself staring at the mug, with it?s teaspoon in, and I had no idea what it was.

This lasted for perhaps 20 seconds and something made me take a step back, at which point everything became clear again.

The forgetfulness can lead to many ?senior moments?, and can really make you think you are beginning to suffer from dementia. Where dysarthria can leave you fumbling to enunciate words, the brain fog can leave you searching for the words to start with. This leaves me feeling idiotic.

To take the last thought a little further; Brain Fog can be likened to dementia with good reason, it is a form of dementia! Dementia and Multiple Sclerosis are both considered to be diseases and a disease is, by definition: a name given to a collection of symptoms.

Sjorgen?s Syndrome is a CNS condition that also presents these symptoms, but should not be confused with multiple sclerosis.

Treatments for Brain Fog

Diet is important to good mitochondrial health and a good blood supply to the brain is essential for optimum thinking and clarity of thought. A very good book that deals with mitochondrial health is The Wahls Protocol which propounds a dietary regime that I follow with exceptional results.

I am not aware of any medication that can specifically target brain fog. Many pain-relieving drugs can, however, exacerbate it. I have found amitriptyline particularly bad and I believe Gabapentin can be equally detrimental.

Brain Fog Limitations

I find myself having to rewrite many posts. Because, I have forgotten what I was doing and deleted a perfectly good piece of writing.

This is a very inefficient way of working. It is also a highly infuriating way of working. MS Brain Fog makes coherent writing very difficult. But, it is a challenge that any MSer should be willing to accept.

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