The Spoonie Blogger loves a stylish watch. If that timepiece is also a practical, reliable time-keeper then the appreciation will be so much greater. The Gladiator Deltaforce Military watch is a perfect example of business and casual style for the man of action.

DeltaForce Shock and Water Resistant Military Men’s Watch

The Deltaforce features a hardlex dial window with a clasp buckle. This quartz movement timepiece is shock resistant and water resistant to 3 bar.

An alloy cased, quartz movement timepiece of elegance and practicality. The Deltaforce Watch is a shock-resistant and water-resistant timekeeper for sporting and military men.

A Military life for me

It’s odd how memory works and the unusual things that trigger it. Take this elegant, practical timekeeper, for example.

I had completely forgotten, until now, that my life could have been very different. I might have signed up for military life. In fact, I did try to sign up for the Royal Navy and came very close to being accepted.

So, what happened? The details are a little sketchy as this took place many, many years ago. I was still st school, studying for my higher grades and the opportunity arose to sign-up for officer training in the Royal Navy.

If I had been successful. The Navy would have guaranteed me a place at the Britannia Royal Naval College. They would have provided my parents with financial assistance to keep me at school until I was qualified and then I would have been off to Dartmouth.

However, it turned out that Naval life was not for me. At least, not as an officer. I spent a week in Portsmouth doing all kinds of aptitude testing and I.Q. tests. All of which I passed with flying colours.

But, I then travelled to London for an interview with the Naval Board. This was a panel of three senior officers, a headmaster and a vicar. All set on quizzing a bemused 15-year-old lad.

Needless to say, I didn’t make the cut. I suspect my Scottish accent and poor speaking skills had a lot to do with it. I was missing the all-important silver spoon in my mouth.

But, I soon overcame my disappointment and contented my seafaring ambitions with dinghy sailing in my beloved Mirror Dinghy.

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