The Spoonie Blogger loves a stylish watch. If that timepiece is also a practical, reliable time-keeper then the appreciation will be so much greater. The Gladiator Duo matching soulmate watches are a perfect example of business and casual style for the loving couple.

Duo matching His and Hers soulmate watches

A matching pair if his and hers matching watches. These watches when Paired Together, the dials form a Heart and the word “Love”. Japan Quartz movement watches that are water resistant to a depth of 3 bar.

A beautiful pair of loving watches in stainless steel with a Japanese movement. For the couple in love, these matching heart watches symbolise eternity.

Love your planet

It is fitting that we should talk about love in the context of these beautiful soulmate watches. But, while we love each other, we are in danger of forgetting to love our home.

We all live on planet Earth. But, there is a very real danger that we are causing irreversible damage to our green and pleasant home.

Because, if we cannot stop the man-made climate change, there is a very real possibility that our Earth will not be a green and pleasant land for too much longer.

But what can we do to stop the build-up of CO2 gases in the atmosphere?

We can stop felling the trees in the rain forests which play a huge role in absorbing excess CO2.

However, that will only be mitigating the problem, not solving the real issue of man’s activity in producing the CO2 in the first place.

Furthermore, the problem is a global issue and cannot be solved by one country alone. Every country in the world must work in harmony if we all wish to continue living here.

But, humans have never worked in harmony. we have always fought with each other. What is it going to take to make us realise what we are rising with all of our petty squabbles.

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