The Spoonie Blogger loves a stylish watch. If that timepiece is also a practical, reliable time-keeper then the appreciation will be so much greater. The Gladiator Ben Hur Sports watch is a perfect example of business and casual style for the man of action.

GLADIATOR BEN-HUR Chronograph Sport Men’s Watch with Stop Watch and Complete Calendar

Gladiator Ben-Hur, masculine and a famous prince, would surely have worn such a timepiece. Available in 6 various colours and all with leather bands. Choose the one that best suits your style and you will be proud to wear it!

This quartz movement timepiece is water resistant to 3 bar and comes with a leather wrist band. It is stylish, macho and perfect for the outdoorsman.

Time Structuring

Time structuring theory is, surprisingly, a real area of scientific discussion. It is believed that humans need to structure their time and relationships spent with other people.

Eric Berne assumes that we have an inbuilt drive to create structure out of chaos in these relationships. Out brains organise sensory input in terms of objects and meaningful categories.

The emotional intensity in our relationships increases step-by-step as we move from withdrawal to intimacy. We may feel lonely and unloved while we are withdrawn. But, we move to a highly-charged state when we become intimate with another.

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Gladiator Ben Hur Sports Watch
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Gladiator Ben Hur Sports Watch