The Spoonie Blogger loves a stylish watch. If that timepiece is also a practical, reliable time-keeper then the appreciation will be so much greater. The Gladiator Valerie Rose Gold Watch is a perfect example of business and casual style for the modern woman.

Gladiator Valerie Rose Gold Watch

A beautiful womans watch with a Japan quartz movement made from the finest stainless steel with bracelet-style clasp.

What might have been

Things happen because they are meant to happen. It’s Karma. This is not really a philosophy I subscribe to. But, it helps to explain why things don’t always transpire quite the way we would have liked them to.

This beautiful piece of jewellery reminded me of a lovely young woman that I dated in my youth. Her name was Valerie and I have no idea where she is now.

Sadly, she will now be old and decrepit, being the same age as me. But, she is probably a grandmother with a troop of children to delight her.

Oh, it’s always nice to imagine that things have worked out well for the people we once knew.

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Rose Gold Timepiece
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Gladiator Valerie Rose Gold Watch