MS Health Blog

MS Health Blog was going to be my new start. I have had MS for more than 25 years and my brain is frazzled.

No, it isn’t frazzled, it’s addled. There is no difference except that I think MS-addled has a more appealing ring to it than MS-frazzled.

However, whatever I choose to call it, my brain is most definitely out of gear. And trying to create an award-winning web site with a running-in-neutral brain is not heading for a resounding success.

MS Health Blog

So it is time to pack my luggage and head for the departure lounge. There is a flight leaving for the isle of Nirvana and I can’t miss it.

So what have I learned about running an MS Blog, the wrong way?

  1. Stick to one topic
  2. Don’t run a Multisite installation of WordPress
  3. Don’t upset Pinterest. Once you are evicted there is no way back

So, my efforts will now be focussed on running and I will wrap up my inane mutterings here.

And hopefully, I will see you in my new home. (If they allow me any visitors)