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Business owners are always looking for new ways to get better results. But, this is only partly the case of creativity. There are many ways to make your business more successful without being creative, even if you believe you are not an original thinker. Take a look at this article for some of the most effective methods of using your brainpower without employing more super brains. This conundrum is exacerbated by a shrinking brain.

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The brain. It’s the engine that drives us. It’s the thing that gives us feelings, it’s the thing that makes us unique. But what if there was a way to make your brain bigger? Have you ever heard of neuroplasticity?

What is Brain Atrophy or Shrinking Brain

“My brain is too small to hold all my thoughts.” -Adela Rogers St. John “The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.” -Bertrand Russell We’ve all heard the adage: ‘knowledge is power. But what if I told you that, as we get older, our memories actually get weaker? What if I gave you a way to bypass your memory and use your other senses instead?

Let’s be honest, you’re probably not reading this post because you want to know about the science behind the shrinking brain. You’re here because you want something that you can use, today, that will help you make more money. That’s exactly what this is about. If you invest time in learning about how your brain works (and how to use it) you will know better how to serve your customers, make better decisions and make more sales.

We all have the same amount of time in a day, but how we use it can be the difference between success and failure. The biggest problem with the way many people approach time management is that they view it as something they need to do rather than something that they want to do. Without motivation, our brains are far more likely to resist doing anything even remotely work-related.

As the world gets increasingly smarter, it becomes harder to stand out. This is why you need this hack on the shrinking brain.

Your brain shrinks as you age. It’s not the end of the world (thankfully), but it does mean that your brain loses its ability to work as quickly and efficiently as it used to. Fortunately for us though, there are ways to counteract the effects of ageing on our grey matter. Read on to find out how.

How to Reduce Brain Shrinkage

Neuroplasticity–the ability of your brain to change its structure and function–is perhaps the most exciting neurological discovery of the last century. But the implications of neuroplasticity for business are not yet obvious. What can you do with this new knowledge? Here are some ideas.

I want to talk to you about an issue that doesn’t get enough attention in the startup world: getting ahead. I know, I know. That’s not exactly the same thing as success, but it is important. Successful people are successful because they succeed; they achieve what they set out to achieve. Getting ahead is different. It involves doing more than just business. It involves leadership, management, and other interpersonal skills that can help you be successful in business.

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Business is confusing. Even if you’re the world’s best marketer, you’re still up against people who are more charismatic than you, sharper than you, and just plain better than you. How can you possibly succeed? : The answer is simple. It’s all about getting one step ahead of your opponent. Read on to find out how.

Brain Atrophy and B Vitamins

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