Keywords play a fundamental part in your Pinterest marketing strategy. Just like most things, keywords have a seasonal ebb and flow. You can maximize reach and exposure by fine-tuning your keywords for different times of the year. Right now we are in full fall and holiday mode. Here’s a list of some of the hottest keywords trending during this month!

There are two times a year that organization, routine, positivity, and goal setting spikes. January is one and back to school time is the other. People are searching for ways to improve their life. Here are some keywords you can use to make the most of this trend.

Keywords trending

  • “life organization” is up 78%
  • “Sustainable lifestyle” (+108%)
  • “save the planet” are up 380% this year!
  • “Organization videos” (+230%)
  • “Budgeting finances” (+3298%)
  • “Productive day routine” (+180%)
  • “Morning routine videos” (+161%)
  • “Weekend routine” (+144%)
  • “Routine chart”  (+161%)
  • “Family chore chart” (+282%)


Now is the time to lock in those holiday and Christmas keywords. Here are a couple trending terms for 2019 holiday season.

  • “Family Christmas Photos” (+173%)
  • “Holiday family photos” (+88%)
  • “Funny Christmas pictures” (+51%)
  • “Christmas photo booth ideas” (+53%)
  • “Christmas mini albums” (+61%)

Handmade and fun gifts

  • “self-care package gift ideas” (+134%)
  • “Gift wrapping videos” (+80%)
  • “Handmade scented candles” (+461%)
  • “Sustainable gifts” (+118%)
  • “Holiday tunes playlist”


  • “Long satin dresses” +331%
  • “Black silk skirt” +458%
  • “Animal print dresses” +204%
  • “Puffy sleeves dress” +108%
  • “Dip glitter nails” +80%
  • “Leopard pants men’s outfit” +240%
  • “Corduroy men’s shirt” +245%


  • “Broccoli cheese balls” (+354%)
  • “Bacon wrapped jalapeno cream cheese” (+289%)
  • “Rotel dip with cream cheese” (+255%)
  • “Hot Chocolate recipes”
keywords trending

Wedding Season

Wedding season is upon us and people are searching right now for wedding related items. The hot trend right now is engagement sessions.

  • “engagement photo inspiration” is trending up +661%

Types of engagement sessions people are searching for:

  • With a car +125%
  • At a winery +122%
  • During a carnival +106%
  • In a backyard +105%


  • “Seamless halo engagement ring” +565%
  • “Turquoise rings engagement” +208%
  • “Elongated cushion engagement ring” +143%
  • “Sunburst engagement ring” +106%
  • “Lavender sapphire engagement ring” +83%

A great deal of excitement for the opportunity-alert Pinner to get to grips with. Master the keywords trending and then perfect your image skills.

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Keywords trending on Pinterest in Nov 2019