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When you have Multiple Sclerosis or MS you will need to learn a lot about the neurological system. And brain fog is a classic sign that we need a new challenge.

I am not a doctor. Nor have I had any medical training. But, MS makes you look at yourdelf in far more detail than you might have done otherwise.

You will also find that you start to blame MS for every ache or pain you ever experience.

However, you cannot lay the blame at the door of MS for every poor choice you make.

Why am I making excuses, so early in a new post?

Because, this post is a bad idea. I am writing the post for all the wrong reasons, without any clear objective in mind.

  • I have not written a new post for a long time
  • We are currently in lockdown
  • The urge to write is strong
  • A new blog needs some backlinks

This list should give you enough information to explain why this post will be so badly written.

Why have you started a new Blog?

That’s easy to explain. Over the years I have made a complete pig’s ear of writing this blog. I have run out of new MS-related ideas and I need a blog topic that will keep me fully interested for years to come.

I have explored many possible blog avenues. In the first instance, the possible routes were limited to my areas of expertise.

However, my areas of expertise are very limited or exceedingly out of date.

Moment of Realisation

Then I had rare moment of realisation. Blogging is about sharing experience and collaborating with others.

Reallising the new Challenge

I don’t need to limit my writing solely to the tribulations of having MS.

This realisation meant freedom. I could learn from others and put that into a whole new blogging direction.

I could write about the one thing that has fascinated me for most of my life. Food!

We all have to eat. It is the basic need of any mammal. Food is fuel and I have been learning a lot about the importance of eating well.

But, I have brain fog and that will limit my cognitive abilities.

A New Challenge

However, one of the best remedies for curing brain fog is to start a new challenge. A challenge where I have to learn something new.

So meet my new blog: Cook Good Food which will be a recipe portal where I can asses the viability of using Pinterest as my main traffic source.

I have link to a random selection of posts to show you the type of content I am creating.

Kitchen Knife Sets for the budding Pro Chef
Fruit Juice Extractors, for the perfect fruit smoothie
Caribbean Chicken Recipes to transport your dreams
Best Restaurants in Naples Italy for pasta fritters
Weight Watcher Cookies to indulge without regret

You will see that all posts are food-related. Albeit some of the links are tentative at best.

While this blog is not intended to be my final and official food blog, it will serve as the learning platform for my new challenge.

And it is forcing me to be better organised and more methodical. All things that will exercise my brain and improve my cognitive abilities.

In the end this post has served a purpose. It has forced me to dust-off my mental filing cabinet and reorganise my thoughts.

New Challenge to mitigate Brain Fog