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In my experience, there are two types of designers: Those who can’t draw, and those who can’t stop. The latter group fervently pursues the ideal of being a ‘designer’ in every aspect of their lives and invariably ends up drawing logos and layouts for their friends and family. This results in a skewed view on what makes a good designer: A designer is someone who draws. How do you go about expressing your individuality?

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It’s this very uniqueness that can often hold designers back from realizing their dreams. You see, this creative spirit is a double-edged sword because, on one hand, it encourages you to be bold and experimental. On the other hand, it makes it difficult to consistently create what you know users will love. That’s where creating a distinctive style comes into play. It’s a way to forge a consistent result that expresses your individuality as a designer.

Designer and illustrator, Emely Peña, is a perfect example of someone who has embraced her individuality and wears it like a badge of honour. Her portfolio is full of dynamic illustrations that are full of movement, passion and life. She brings her bold, colourful design to all of her work, and it’s what makes her such a standout designer. : You’ve got a great idea for a startup. You’ve got a killer website.

Brands are making a serious mistake when they shove their “design department” into a corner. The designers are then expected to create the same types of products over and over again because that’s what the market wants! The designers are then stifled by these expectations, and forget what it is that makes them so creative. It’s time for your business to see the value of encouraging your designers to express themselves through their work.

Let’s face it: as a designer, you often feel like a cog in a big machine. You work with your team on projects and make sure they’re all on the same page — but you never quite feel like you’re doing anything that’s yours. Sound familiar? Unfortunately, this is a common feeling among many designers, especially those who work within larger organizations.

How are you expressing your Individuality

You are unique. Your designs are unique. You can achieve more when you express your individuality in your design work. Here’s how.

In a world where almost everyone is a designer, having a unique style is more important than ever. In fact, you’ve probably noticed that everyone is using the same style guides and design patterns. It’s only a matter of time until your design becomes outdated and stale. It’s easy to get caught up in what’s trendy at the moment, but that’s a dangerous way to design.

This is a guest post by Andrew Kim , a graphic designer at Yello. I hope you enjoy it. A lot of people who want to be designers just know they want to be designers when they grow up. They look at how other designers design and then try to emulate that style in their own work. Other times they just follow the trends, and sometimes they just create in a style they think will be popular in the future.

Designers are the foundation of the creative world, but one thing that separates them from other artists is their ability to express themselves creatively in a variety of ways. While some designers are content being average, many others see this as a challenge. They have to find new and exciting ways to express their creativity in order to make an impact on the people around them.

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Ah, the creative industry. The glamorous life of an artist that gets to express their individuality at every turn. The reality is that design is often something that is used to brand a company or product, not necessarily an art form in itself. With this in mind, isn’t it time you showed the world how truly creative you are? Read on for some easy tips on expressing yourself through your work.

What do you do to express your individuality?

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